Vittoria as a brand need no introduction, and it comes as no surprise that it’s the tyre of choice to more than 15 professional teams (Pro Tour and Continental).

New to the 2016 Vittoria range is the use of Graphene technology.

Graphene is a revolutionary material in the form of a very thin, nearly transparent sheet of pure carbon. Vittoria are the first company to incorporate the material into a bike tyre. According to their testing the Corsa has 19% less rolling resistance compared to the same product without pristine Graphene, also showing superior grip and durability.

The compounds also become harder and softer, depending on the needs of the rider. If the tyre is rolling straight, the rubber is at its hardest and offers low rolling resistance. If the rider breaks, accelerates or corners, the compounds soften and offer significantly more grip.

With all that said I’ve been using the Vittoria Corsa G+ Tubular 700x25c tyre for the last few months now, including 2 x 70.3 races and the Ironman African Champs. Yes, 25mm tyres have proven to be faster (lower rolling resistance) than 23mm tyres whilst complimenting the wide rim profile of my DT Swiss RRC 65 wheels perfectly.

Whilst the speed of a tyre is hard to judge without doing specific testing, they absolutely feel fast. But most importantly, for long distance tri racing, is the comfort and reliability factor. The Corsa’s smooth out a bumpy road surface like nothing I’ve felt before. For the rough road surface at Ironman South Africa, I had my tyres pumped to around 8 bar and came off the bike feeling so fresh I nearly overcooked the first 21km of the run. They handled the technical course of 70.3 Barcelona perfectly and there are yet to be any punctures to report despite using them in training way more than I really should. As a ‘go to’ fast, comfortable and reliable tyre for race day I wouldn’t look anywhere else.

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